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the world is unified. there's real differences about what to do, have germany, and take other members of the european community. >> the eastern europeans. >> charlie: how does the president handle that? does he go off on his own and put troops here and there and do this and that or does he wait and try to get some kind of unified plan? >> i think he needs to do a little more leading from in front. i think he has to do both a major effort to keep the united states and europe together, understanding that the european dependence on russian energy is going to make it tough, and on trade with russia. german trade with russia is huge and ours is tiny. but, on the other hand, the europeans have 60 years of sort of relying on us for leadership in international affairs and particularly on national security, and they are not yet ready to be co-leaders, and i think a little more american leadership on this would have been important, even while we understand and agree with the point he's making. >> charlie: syria. when the president made the decision not to attack syria after having said it had c
repeatedly. we were promised that after germany's unification than it would not spread eastward. a started expanding and incorporating former warsaw treaty countries. we heard in response this does not concern you. nations and countries have the war to choose the way of ensuring the security. that's true, but it's also true when the infrastructure of the military bloc approaches our borders we have grounds for apprehension question. no one could deny as this right. he went on to say have been no and western leaders have long many times tsongas, made decisions behind the back of price wars and accomplished fact some today we want to examine whether in natal and the newly expanded nato alliance is now reaping the whirlwind of that decision and the ukraine. the of a very distinguished panel of people here today who are essentially present at the creation in one way or another. you will have biographies, but briefly the former foreign minister and actually first prime minister and then foreign minister of poland, going to make the your first name. on my immediate left, prime minister of poland
is correct in austria in germany that makes five percent in france people cannot find jobs makes more than eleven percent in an elite four percent against the background of the ongoing crisis the european expert analysts say that today about the killer paradox would take an anti crisis measures the study leads to some financial stability in the introduction of measures to reduce social benefits lead to a reduction in consumption and traditional economic growth that drives the economy to a standstill we do multiple chris woodward it's about hope we see the situation in greece yes there was a certain financial stabilization and revenue consumption has fallen sharply. the prospects have changed dramatically to the worst loss forecast an economy's growth prospects the cubans who will be speaking from an east coast according to us out there already eighty five million poor people in eu countries the same number of people is under the threat of falling into poverty the most serious situation is in bulgaria romania and greece were a number of poor people reaches nearly half of the population when
exports gas into the eu the first country of transit let's say germany or ukraine or other eu countries, could not say, they couldn't dictate you may not pass this on without my permission to another country. what it allowed it to do the minute the gas comes into the eu it is not eu gas and to be transferred for the. as we talked before about reversing the clothes from poland hungary to slovakia into ukraine that would not impossible in 2009 because of the regular structure that was in place. by working with europe to get the regulatory structure their making some investments, getting them to make investments in infrastructure their less reliant today. but as russia will continue to be a supplier into europe there's more we can do together to make sure that reliance is diminished, and quite significantly. >> is a pipe dream for americans to see themselves in anything like the near future providing natural gas to europe and with that have any effect on our domestic market? or do we have so much that it would simply mean a new market and a new perhaps reduction in the trade imbalance if w
has put up for sale and includes other allergy medication such as claritin. reports say germany's buyer is closing in on a deal to buy the unit for about $14 billion. on wednesday, another possible bidder, said it was no longer in the running. they could announce the transaction in the next few days. shares in frankfurt at this hour, they're trading up, a bit over 1% at the moment. back to you. >> bertha, thanks for that. good to see you. >> you, too. >> thank you. >>> in earnings news, linkedin reported a net loss. excluding items, the professional social networking site beat analyst forecasts as revenue rose 46%. membership rose 7%, the same growth rate as the fourth quarter. linkedin is forecasting full-year revenue growth below analyst estimates. shares in linkedin today currently up, 4% in frankfurt. they were down heavily after hours in the united states. >>> kraft foods has reported higher first quarter profits helped by cost cuts and moves to manage prices for key ingredients. revenue fell which missed analysts forecasts. kraft will be raising prices for nearly half of i
of the relationship, germany is the key player. let me talk a little bit about the state department told us earlier this week, that there in juneson with the e.u., but you know, there are real erequests about whether or not germany and the united states and the e.u. are all together on this, what do you think. >> right. >> i think you have to look at it in difference pieces. in terms of the analysis, this is clear russian aggression against a neighbor, intervening militarily, we have exactly the same analysis. the difference is begin to come up is what do you do about it. the quite is willing to go down the road of very tough sanctions against them in order to create some pain on the russian economy. and putin directly to get him to want to change the policies. >> what else -- >> go ahead. >> with the union is not so sure about putting in place the tough sanctions. they feel a plow back because of the relationships and we tried to stay together, meaning that the combined package is less than it should have been. >> so if the e. u. won't go for it, what else and president obama do? >> i think they d
and germany and of creation and bosnia herzegovina. yes it is also about making an in depth report on the professional work and passion of the cost be fixed. i guess he thinks mr mrs clinton's watch and see how his work is changing people's lives for the better last is a series of short documentary films on making and six. new york city is there to keep chasing their treats. this documentary series showcases their everyday lives of the japanese and other nations trying to make their dreams a reality in the atrocities. we set our website for the broadcast schedule in your times the nanny state tends to nhk world tv. ch. just when to turn means cherry cheese you the country's eagerly await the season. she trounced peek beneath the process. the city of najaf lose faith and since ancient aristocrat held the link on teeth. it has been embracing them. mm pistols for a confessed to a spring breeze
it will be able to cope. we are seeing the beginning of next year, europe's richest economy, germany, so far without a national minimum wage is going to introduce one. it's about $12 an hour. that's under political pressure. we all know switzerland is a rich country. that's going to hold referendum to decide whether or not to introduce minimum wage of its own, $25 an hour. >> wow. interesting. great stuff from you. we'll talk to you soon. our own joining us from our newsroom. one more story for you on the labor day reforms. late wednesday, the brazilian president announced the move toward lower taxes for workers and 10% hike for poor. the the announcement comes as a popularity as all this five months before elections. okay. let's talk about this. see these babies laying around here. take a look. you may not see them again. going to talk about a sticky dispute. the indian alfonzo mango known as king of fruit. from today, they are banned. no more from the european union. authorities in brussels found consignments were infested with fruit flies. india says we've fix had the problem. the price h
. referring to the experience of germany. strictly't follow very . we are in a recovery stage and italy has got a public debt a bit higher than what germany had. i still think that the structural reforms they need do not require big deficits. they require implementation. i still prefer to see more work on structural reforms rather than saying -- >> it might be easier. that was the point i was making. >> it you look at the structural reforms, it boils down to the problem italy has had before. politics, it is mustering the support to push these reforms and have the dozens of political parties backing matteo renzi. is he the guy that is going to push this through? if he doesn't, does italy have a chance? >> it is more likely that renzi then berlusconi's government. willingness to implement structural reforms. renzi does have a fragmented majority behind him. however, it is also in the interest of the party. so renzi has to master the actually giving up implementing reforms. >> institutional reform or structural reform? one presumably has to go hand-in-hand with the other. get the institutional
will be gone, it meant when russian exports gas into the e.u., the first country of transit, germany, ukraine or other e.u. countries, they cooperate dictate you may not pass this on without my permission to another country. what it allowed it to do, the minute the gas comes into the e.u., it is now e.u. gas and can be transferred further. when we talked earlier about reversing the flows into ukraine, that would not have been possible in 2009 because of the regulatory structure that was in place. so by working with them to get the regulatory structure there, they are less relipet today. but as russia will continue to be a supplier into europe, there is more we can do together to make sure that reliance is diminished, and quite significantly. >> forgive the pun, but? is it a pipe dream for americans to see themselves in anything like the near future providing natural gas to europe, and would that have any effect on our domestic market? or do we have so much that it would simply mean a new market and a new perhaps reduction in the trade imbalance if we were able to do that. >> i think the unite
exports gas into the eu, the first country of transit, let's say germany or ukraine or other eu countries could not -- they could not dictate you may not pass this on without my permission to another country. what it allowed it to do is a minute a gas comes and it is eu gas and can be transferred further. we talked about reversing the flows from poland to hungary from slovakia into ukraine. that would not have been possible in 2000 nine because of the regulatory structure that was in place. i working with europe to get the regulatory structure there, making some investments and getting them to make investments in infrastructure, they are less reliant today. as russia will continue to be a supplier into europe emma there is more we can do together to make sure that that reliance is diminished and quite significantly. fors it a pipe dream americans who see themselves in anything like the near future europeng natural gas to and would that have any effect on our domestic market or do we have so much that it would ,imply mean a new market trades reduction in the investments if we were able to
with the japanese prime minister shinzo ave is in germany right now at the start of the european tour. japan's prime minister has come to europe for a ten day visit and berlin is the first stop on his itinerary. thompson the german capital are focused on trade issues but also on ukraine. the fate of western hostages was among the first questions at a joint press conference with chancellor under the mantle once the gardens and wine made from north of the detainees and their families. we are doing everything on comp and i get the impression that the ukrainian government and the oecd also doing what they can eat it all. i can only hope that these combined efforts lead to success let them go. metro said russia's president vladimir putin must take action to de escalate the situation in eastern ukraine. the german leader said ukraine's elections scheduled for may twenty fifth must also go ahead she's a lot they described the crisis in ukraine as a global problem. japan has also extended its sanctions against russia. both leaders agreed more economic sanctions will follow if the kremlin does not take meani
. then prime minister seems on bay games to boost economic cooperation between japan and germany he says he wants smaller enterprises from both nations to deepen cooperation to promote economic growth based in germany the first leg of his european tour in berlin he spoke at a gathering of executives from about twenty small and midsize firms in both nations it all up two dozen of them japan is placing importance on the economic alliance with the european and u it's a keeper bt we are making our government's efforts to conclude an economic partnership agreements with the eu. tata said smaller firms in both japan and germany have skills to make high quality products. so these enterprises are the cornerstone of the two economies. the contribution is crucial to spur growth the people responsible for disposing japan's highly radioactive nuclear waste must soon decide where to put it. no municipalities have offered to host a dom as authorities had hoped members of the panel last month propose that the government will have to choose the most scientifically feasible sites by itself. opinion on the
years. a 4-0 win in germany giving real fans every reason to celebrate. chelsea or athletico madrid await them in the liz bin final on may 24th. >> i think [ inaudible ] has a lot of experience to this game. to the other side we are a team really strong in this moment with a lot of confidence, with a lot of strength, and then really doesn't matter who will be the team that we play. it's important that one of these teams is real madrid. >>> chelsea athletico still goalless ahead of the decisive second leg coming up in london. chelsea aiming to win the title and his players could set up a title. the goalkeeper is still not fit enough to be picked, but [ inaudible ] is ready to play. >> when you get your hands on the trophy, that moment lives with you every day when you are in a difficult period personally or professionally. there's nothing bigger than a champion's league. >> translator: the confidence is always there, especially in the semifinal of the champions league. it's clear my players are very motivated. very excited. >> reporter: plenty more on our website,
public appearance at a hospital in germany where he is being treated. the ballot he is passing is for the first parliamentary elections since 2011 when the u.s. pulled out of iraq. these elections are seen as crucial. voting in some regions is expected to be difficult. in places like anbar, there's intense fighting between the army and members of the islamic state in iraq and the levant. tribal leaders control post of anbar, including the city of ballujah. sunnis accuse the shia-led government of mistreating them. during a rally, protesters accuse the prime minister nouri al-maliki of being a puppet of iran. maliki's problems do not end there. leaders in the gulf accuse the government of discriminating against sunni. nouri al-maliki blames saudi arabia and qatar for helping armed groups. the last summit on syria in march underscored the political divisions between iraq and its sunni neighbours. >> translation: sending fighters increases the violence and the people are paying the price. >> the saudis and their allies want bashar al-assad out of power. >> none of them have a plac
said that germany and france share similar social and political economies and it would be much easier for france to intervene with a german company then it would be with a u.s. company. that says a lot about his attitude towards what they call anglo-saxon capitalism. >> this is something we have seen over and over again. the left-leaning side of the socialist party. how should we take these comments? >> for readers and viewers who are not familiar with french politics, it is important to note that the socialist party has always had a business wing and a hard left wing. universe, nate montebourg is very much on the left. there are competing strands in the socialist party and we saw that on monday, when the government tried to walk back much worse comments over the weekend about favoring siemens. there is a concern about being seen as close for business, hostile towards investment. the fact that ge has gone far enough to announce what they have announced today suggests that the business wing is one that is round, at least for now. >> thank you very much. >> shares of sale are coming thi
this report. >> iraqi president is showing a rare public appearance in the hospital in germany where he's being treated. the ballot is for the first parliamentary elections since 2011 when the u.s. pulled out of iraq. the elections are seen as crucial. voting in some regions is expected to be difficult. in places like anbar province, there's fighting between the army and members of islamic state of iraq and levant. angry sunni tribal leaders trolley parts of anbar, including the city of ball usualinga. the government is accused of mistreating the sunnis. protesters accused the prime minister of being a puppet of iran. nouri al-maliki's problems do not end there. leaders in the golf accuse his government of discriminating against sunni muslims. nouri al-maliki makes his own accusations and blames saudi arabia and qatar. the last summit in sirra underscored the political subdivisions between iraq and sunni neighbours. the opposition is sending fighters to syria. people are paying the price. the saudis want the president bashar al-assad out of power. >> translation: bashar al-assad and his
of selling the shares from germany japan and argentina. i was sent to come back soon. the river flows from his expedition attempting to stage the summit spoke about the decision could descend from the bone scan. it was highly speak. we got there and we met up with something that i didn't try to tackle the eighth of june i'd do and when did you see what happened there because of nobody knows what happened the beverage from liking instead i just realized that in the sixty one off its monday meeting history of the non stop expanding this passage. alliance for twenty two eighteen. the attention of cars and tools to me missing. the arches of the most attacking george and email comments. i mean temperature is seen as abuse and domestic issues on the beach the third hundred in each of us have denounced the kind of season signed with the concerns of non descript. insurance and compensation from the government. i was out of the fence about this as an activist and wanting to get him on the use of male attention and played outside but it was adopted by the bunnies and sees a maths article. i can't ge
through austerity. germany anounlsed $110 billion in budget cuts over five years, and pledged to balance the books by 2015. the uk promised $140 billion in budget cuts. so why has france finally decided to go down this path? >> everyone else on average has got their deficits down. even the countries that really struggled during the crisis are on the right track. france is the outlier. it hasn't done enough. >> manuel is under pressure from the right-wing of his own party. he is also under criticism from the opposition, which accuses him of having no new ideas. france delayed taking the painful medicine, but it may be out of time. >>> police in india have arrested what they call trouble makers on the eve of voting in india's national election. more than 600 people were arrested. the volatile region has been the center of a decade's long separatist movement. >>> in central india many young people have been forced from school, because they are caught in the cross fire when left-ring rebels and the government. but special colleges are giving some students another chance to be educated. >> re
in germany. he suffered a stroke and has been receiving treatment there. the kurdish leader hasn't been seen in public for two years. >>> united states national weather service says around 75 million people in the country are at risk sfr storms that could unleash tornados. at least 27 people have died already. arkansas is the hardest hit state where rescue workers are working around the clock to search for survivors. andy gallagher reports from the devastated community of may d flower. >> reporter: the tornado has cut a path of restricti restriction -- destruction across three states but arkansas borre the bunt of the damage. homes and lives were left in ruins. >> our memories are gone. and we'll have to find them, hopefully. >> here's some memories, we have children and grandchildren. just trying to find some things that we have had all of our lives. >> reporter: the satellite images from nasa show the sheer size of the storm system and many are still in its path. >> i want everyone affected by this tragedy to know that fema and the federal government is on the ground and will help our fell
at the rally came to watch television and the president casting his vote in germany. the kurdish leader not in public for two years and treated in berlin after a stroke in 2012. 22 million iraqis are eligible to vote on wednesday. one of the main campaign issues in iraq is poverty and nearly 10 million iraqis live on or below poverty line and living on less than $5 a day and many of the poorest have no faith that a vote will change anything. >> reporter: baghdad throws away these people used to bill and call it tin city, a sprawling slum in the northeast where at least 25,000 people live. from all over builders and other tradesmen drop trash here and they used this to dumb to build homes. as the children play he worries about the future and he not only looks after his own daughters but provides a home for five orphans whose parents died in the violence that plagues the city. >> translator: this is an oil-rich country but i've been living like this for 15 years. i don't have anything. the politicians come and make empty promises. we are fed up. we can't handle living like this anymore.
a strong euro run parody of germany taking back towards that mandated two percent, at least in germany. the big one for the eurozone comes out tomorrow. and itget low inflation moves gradually back towards target? look for tomorrow's number for any indication of that. europe surges-other day. up by 6/10. plenty of m&a and corporate activity to talk about. $1 trillion worth of bills so far. if you look at earnings, not so good. 44% of the companies on the stock 600. only 40. 4%. you can see the pessimism around you is earnings. so far. missing european stocks are higher. european futures are higher as well. >> jonathan ferro, thank you very much, indeed very >> earlier, we looked at how bp's business in the country could be affected. now, let's look at a different side effect, possible side effect of sanctions. ceo.e joined by christie's he joins us for an exclusive conversation. his gray chevy here. thank you for coming in. soon.a bit too next week we have our impressionist sale in new york city. our impressions right now is that there won't be that much change in the activity of our k
casting his vote in germany. the kurdish leader has not been seen in public for two years. he is unwell and is being freed in berlin. 22 iraqis are eligible to vote on wednesday. >> one of the main issues is poverty. 10 million iraqis live on or below the poverty line, making do with less than $5 a day, according to government figures. many of the poorest have no faith that anything will change. >> baghdad goes away. these people used to build. they call it tin city, a slum in the north-east. at least 25,000 people live. from all over buildings and other tradesmen drop trash. the locals use what is dumped here to build homes. as children play this man worries about the future. he not only looks after his own daughters, but provide a home for five orphans whose parents died in the violence that blights the city. >> translation: this is an oil-rich country yet i have been living like this for 15 years. i don't have anything. the politicians come and make empty promises. we are fed up. we can't handle living like this any more. this place is not fit for animals. >> the government, in 2010,
to death in egypt following a mass trial a battle royale french industrial giant. germany's siemens or us conglomerate ge what lessons are on to the ukrainian city of donetsk in the east where pro and anti russian activists adult in the streets leaving fourteen people injured some seriously as the situation in eastern ukraine becomes more volatile the united states and the eu have unveiled a new round of sanctions against russia. targeting top government advisors and the number of companies of these new sanctions were milder than men in moscow had feared. washington says the kremlin is not doing enough to rein in separate groups another building seems to be more barricades going on a pro russian activists in the town of content in each cup about what a find the latest conquest on monday it was another sign that the separatist movement in eastern ukraine remains undiminished. brussels european union ambassadors scampered to discuss additional sanctions against russia which the eu and usa is actively backing the rebels. washington has expanded its own list of sanctions which now include exp
on the eastern borders of ukraine germany forbid its companies to supply military goes to auction at the beginning of a building amount of blood but the german minister of defense was over five million harassment of unexamined eleven fifty three. meanwhile the ukrainian ministry of foreign affairs emphasizes that russia does not have the right to criticize the anti operation in the east of ukraine according to the minister of foreign affairs in ukraine statements of device the site says that ukraine supposedly started to walk again see its own people. just another provocation. i'm caught in lies unconscious execution of gnosis on behalf of the kremlin. inevitably new service spokesperson on the minister of foreign affairs also reminded that during the last month the federation itself called up operations against the terrorists in the north caucasus. we used all available military forces including tanks and approx would you go with the notice when you seem to be used to counter operations. inside this time. he never to talk and it is we know me and minds. until we shall destroy t
and germany. >> what do you think of germany? >> i like it. i have been there nine years and longest i lived anywhere. i consider germany my home in a weird way. and it's definitely a mind-opening experience for me and it's changed my perspective on a national level for the country and also on an international level as well. >> what's your favorite german word? >> oh, that's a good one. probably bergermeister. >> and the bill you want passed. >> i would go along the lines with everyone else, it seems an education bill. living in a military community i have seen the effects transferring through multiple school systems has on students and how the lack of standardization and common goals for education have on students and their futures. >> let's go back in the back here. people we have not been able to talk to. yes, sir. >> my name is daniel rose and i'm the delegate from tennessee. >> where in tennessee? >> memphis. >> the bill i would pass is definitely an immigration reform bill. just looking around the room and being able to talk to every single one of these delegates has been just an aspir
of germany from the dasm which was down 2%. and of course germany is most exposed immediately through the situation in ukraine. sanctions will perhaps hit russia. >> the energy more than anything else. >> as much as energy. germany exports an enormous of its good through russia. there's a close economic relationship. and if you start disrupting that then a major source for income for germany is being disrupted. so that's an issue. >> there's a close economic relationship. and if you start disrupting that then a major source for income for germany is but what really? s it really pay-back time as russia would like to put it because of what happened in the 90s and the collapse of the soviet union that we were allowed to go in and take over places of raugs russian strategic influence and was able to do that fairly in a cavalier way that now it's time that mr. putin says enough is enough? >> i worked in germany in that period of time. and was there in 1990 when german unification came about. and the soviet union collapsed. and nobody at that time would have imagined that nato would extend
profits in their 100 year history. of 25%. u.k. 35%. germany 28%. the only snag was the u.s. however, the reaction was quick. >> they like it. over to mia. they can move this. they reported their earnings. that is where the fiscal year is. revenues rising. they are teaming up with twitter. there going to be a reseller and integrate twitter ads into their eggs the steam platform. top markets.he twitter has been struggling to get more ads onto their space. with something like yahoo! which is one of the leading websites, they will be able to get more content. .t is a win-win for both >> i'm going to make this simple and salty. a lot people do not know the name but if you love your sushi age of have a problem with sodium, this is the famous soy sauce. up in earnings after the market posted friday. area impressive. 26%. ,hey announced a share buyback ¥10 billion. >> i love soy sauce. >> that is the verdict from the stock exchange. personal views from our reporters. we will be back. ♪ >> taking sanctions to the very top. targets putin's inner circle. d plans for a stronger military alli
of direct discussions with representatives of the taliban leadership in germany and qatar over 2010 through 2012 and which of course al qaeda and the taliban's relationships with a central question. and i could say the taliban never questioned whether al qaeda had carried out 9/11 or whether 9/11 was the recent united date fate of afghanistan. they said they are punishing us for some and we did do. it was quite a different argument. you can argue whether that's an active statement on their part or not. but they didn't contest the reality of what had happened. iraq is a different question which had nothing to do with 9/11. we are not going to talk about that here tonight however. >> i hope the parallel a feudal europe isn't that far-fetched, but inspiration for a lot of my theoretical argumentation. and this book on the scholar who influenced my work as well as barney's work with the head of the sociology department here at columbia for many years. charles tilly who described across as a stable nation in europe as many as nine did many, many times, which involved engagement on the part of st
of the dignitaries from southern germany, which would be very catholic. you've also got parts of england, ireland, all of those countries. of course, latin america. the gentleman standing behind pope francis is archbishop gainsfind. he was the assistant to pope benedict as well and elevated to archbishop. now he's the assistant to pope francis, and so when you see pope francis at a public event, you'll see archbishop gainsfind. if you see pope benedict at an event, which i did in january, archbishop gainsfind is there. he's the go-between. once you know him, you know both popes. >> this ceremony got started at 10:00 local time and lasted two hours there. pope francis is going down and doing what he's doing, shaking every day people's hands. when he became pope, wearing the wooden cross. what sticks out to you in the ceremony today as you've been watching the last couple hours? >> what sticks out to me is how formal it is. pope francis is keeping this warm right now. i don't think we'll see him do any selfies today. i don't think that's part of the program. but i do think you'll see, what you won'
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